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Family celebration, wedding, business event, launch or any other event – we have
the perfect solution for you. At Tamara, you have at your disposal 4 banquet halls designed for any purpose –
Conferences, seminars, training courses, promotional events, company events in the business world. This is alongside private events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays and more. The halls can be divided and offer different seating arrangements for a perfect fit for your event. All halls are equipped with a projector and an amplification system. A flip chart and various technical aids can be added and it is recommended to use the fine culinary menu of the hotel chef.

Small Events

Shell Hall is 50 square meters, suitable for intimate events. The hall can be arranged in a variety of seating configurations and adapted to the nature of the event: in a banquet configuration it will host 60 people, a theatre arrangement is suitable for 48 guests and horseshoe configuration – up to 25 participants.

Fin Hall is 60 square meters and is especially suitable for social events such as toasts or professional conferences. It can host 90 people in a banquet configuration, 75 guests in a theater configuration or 40 participants in a classroom configuration.

Pearl Hall covers an area of 70 square meters, so you can hold business conferences in it in a relaxed and pampering atmosphere. In a banquet configuration, the hall can host 120 people, in a theater arrangement you can seat 90 guests, and in an horseshoe configuration, the hall will accommodate 35 seats. In addition to the variety of halls, there is also a synagogue which allows bar mitzvahs and Shabbats of the bridegroom-all in one complex.

Da Vinci Hall

The DA VINCI conference and events complex at the new Tamara Hotel in Ashkelon upgrades any private event or business conference. The complex located in front of the sea offers a huge area of 800 square meters, as well as a reception and refreshment area, green lawns and seating areas. At DA VINCI you can hold private and business events with many participants: up to 700 guests around square tables, or up to 1,400 participants in a theater configuration. The hall can be divided into two smaller halls (450 square meters and 300 square meters) and isolated from noise using an acoustic partitions.

DA VINCI provides everything needed for a perfect event or conference:

Modern and advanced equipment: a huge LED screen that connects to all digital
media, one of the most sophisticated sound and lighting systems in Israel, a
designed reception lounge, and a balcony overlooking the sea with seating areas.
Skilled and Professional events team: An events manager present during the
preparations and the event itself, professional bartenders and waiters (a waiter for
two tables), and guidance attendants during the event.

● Elegant design (you can hire a designer on behalf of the hall for an additional fee)
● Active cleaning team during the event in the hall and rest room facility.
● Professional security team during the entire event
● Sketch of the seating arrangement with seating cards
● Parking near the hotel (free of charge)
● Envelopes for event invitations and arrival map
● Gift safe with personal code
● Business license

Event Catering

Culinary treats for any conference or event The basis of a successful event is superb food served with love. To meet the task, we recruited the hotel’s chef, and the result: a high-quality and meticulous Mediterranean culinary menu consisting of selected high-quality raw materials. Together with the rich alcohol menu, you are guaranteed a perfect event in every aspect. Whether you are looking for a solution for a business conference, board meeting, client meeting, or whether you are looking for the perfect location for an unforgettable private event – Tamara Events will plan and tailor to fulfill your needs and dreams.

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